Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 09:31PM
James Oxyer in Announcement, Franco Nero

It's time for OC101's first themed month! Hopefully this won't turn out like the colossal screw-up that was "A Very New World Year," but that was a terrible idea in the first place, so I don't think it will! This February, we honor one of the manliest men alive. If you looked up the word "badass" in the dictionary, you would find his name in its place. An exploitation god. Italian superstar. Born Francesco Sparanero, but most commonly known as...

Awwww yeeeeaaahh! It's Franco February suckers! Yes, for an entire month, I will focus on the works of Italian action star Franco Nero and review four (or more, if time allows) of his works spanning across different genres and subgenres. The man has been in lots of great (and not so great) exploitation flicks from the late-sixties to the eighties. And with those piercing blue eyes and that wicked facial hair, he really presents a striking film presence that you won't forget. And no, I will not be talking about Die Hard 2. This is OBSCURE Cinema 101 people.

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