My Favorite Horror Victims: Frank, BLOOD SONG (1982)

**Spoilers for the movie Blood Song (1982)**

Blood Song is a 1982 slasher that is primarily remembered because 1950s teen idol Frankie Avalon stars. Only instead of getting killed like in 1969’s Haunted House of Horrors, this time he’s on the other side of the hatchet. I like the movie. It’s fun seeing Frankie play a flute-playing, crazed mass-murderer, I liked the final girl, the final chase is awesome, it’s sometimes gory, and it also has (in my opinion) one of the more interesting slasher victims in the subgenre.

Frank is the father of Marion, the final girl. Throughout most of the movie, Marion wears a leg brace because of a car accident that happened when Frank was drunk at the wheel. Frank is grumpy most of the time, and his wife and daughter seemed to have distanced themselves away from him because of said accident. Frank also has a strong dislike for Marion’s boyfriend Joey, because he is the son of the man who apparently attempted to go out with his wife (when they were all in their teens).

The minute Frank comes on-screen, you have already judged that he is the stereotypical jerk father. However, as the film progresses, we begin to see a tortured soul of sorts; a man who has dug himself in a hole so deep, his family has never forgiven him for it, and acts like a cranky old man as a result. We see brief moments throughout of him trying to make amends, but neither Marion nor his wife accepts. Towards the end, he actually goes up to Marion’s room and knocks on her door just to apologize for everything, but she locks her door and turns her music up just to ignore him.

And when Frankie’s killer breaks in and begins hacking him with his hatchet, Frank fights back, but ends up getting knocked down. Marion comes into the room, and Frankie begins to go after her. Instead of just playing possum longer (which might have led to his survival), Frank shoots up, grabs the killer, and yells for her to run. Then Frankie finishes him off.

Poor Frank. He was so misunderstood. Even though you were a member of The Dirty Dozen, you couldn’t fight off Frankie Avalon. Maybe if that lamp you threw had hit me, you would have kicked the crap out of him. Somehow, that’s not that comforting. Either way, you’re still one of my favorite horror movie victims, so be happy about that.

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